Personal Touch

The Chiropractic Plus experience is unique to every client. Your chiropractor will guide you along a personal journey through our three stages of care, tailoring treatment to your needs and utilising additional resources to set you on the road to well-being. Chiropractic Plus has three fully trainied chiropractors, all registered with the General Chiropractic Council and all members of the British Chiropractic Association.

Associate Chiropractors

Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson

Anna Wilson is originally from Surrey, though over the last 13 years she has lived in many parts of the UK and overseas. She has a previous career in Outdoor Education, working in children's residential activity centres.

Anna's interest in chiropractic was sparked when she witnessed a horse being treated by a chiropractor in Australia. She found the difference in the horse's movement and demeanour astounding after just one treatment - the horse certainly seemed to think it did him some good!

She then went on to study at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractors in Bournemouth where her passion for chiropractic developed. She loves trying to find the root cause of a problem. Anna says, " I sometimes feel like Sherlock Holmes trying to uncover what's going on!"

Anna enjoys seeing everyone in her practice, from newborn babies, sports people, office workers and the elderly. An interest in treating children was a natural progression from her previous career and she feels particularly honoured when treating babies and pregnant mums, as there is the potential to positively impact that little person for life.

For Anna though, the most rewarding aspect of being a chiropractor is the impact it can have on somebody's life. She says, "Most people don't come to see me because they are in pain, it's because their pain is stopping them from living their life - maybe it's preventing you from playing with your grandchildren, performing at your best in sports, doing the housework or joining in social activities. I love the opportunity to help people get their lives back."

Anna's other interests include vegetable growing, walking her rescue dog, cycling (she cycled around New Zealand a few years ago), playing classical guitar and dressmaking. She's aware that all these activities need you to look after your body to be able to enjoy them! 

Alex Tierney

Alex Tierney

We are delighted to add Alex to the chiropractic team at Pocklington.

Alex was born in Bristol and lived there until 2011 when he moved to Bournemouth to study chiropractic at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractors (AECC).

Alex first became aware of chiropractic when suffering from a bad back whilst playing football. After a few visits to his local chiropractor, his back problem was successfully treated, and since then Alex has been pursuing his dream of becoming a chiropractor.

From his experience as an intern at AECC, Alex has particularly enjoyed helping patients of all ages achieve their personal goals. Whether this has been being able to walk their dog, pick up their grandchildren again, or run a marathon, Alex works beyond pain relief to get people back to doing what they want.

Having always been interested in how the body works and moves, Alex says;

“I enjoy being able to help people through their chiropractic treatment, and love seeing the positive difference it can make to their lives, by reducing their pain and keeping them mobile.”

Alex’s other love is sport and he is a keen runner and cyclist.  Alex also enjoys cooking new, healthy recipes in his spare time.

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