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Chiropractic is the world's third largest primary healthcare profession after medicine and dentistry. For more than 100 years, chiropractors have been diagnosing and treating problems relating to the back, providing safe and effective care to millions of people. There is more to chiropractic than pain relief. In many cases we progress to corrective work to address the underlying cause of discomfort. We also recommend regular check-ups to maintain good health and prevent problems occuring.

Keeping you well.

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Most of us have our cars or teeth maintained regularly, so why not your back?

Unlike the car, it is not that easy to trade your body in for a new one and spare parts are a little harder to come by!

There are three goals during the maintenance stage of care that we offer.

Firstly, we want to sustain the improvements we have made to your health and well-being throughout your Chiropractic Plus treatment. So we aim to find and fix any recurrences of your original problems the best we can.

Secondly, just like taking the car for a service, periodic checks on your spine and joints will help us identify any new issues. Being forward looking enables us to catch problems at an early stage, working to prevent future problems.

Thirdly, to see you at your best! As chiropractors, we can offer advice and assistance to help you make positive changes to your general health and lifestyle. We work with you to pinpoint improvements in a range of areas from diet and fitness, to healthy sleeping and good posture. We also encourage you to engage in hobbies and interests that will provide long term benefits to your quality of life.

For simple, uncomplicated problems that have responded quickly and well to chiropractic treatment, we often recommend an annual check. For others, we plan to see you before and/or after undertaking activities that typically cause irritation or overload, whether work or leisure related. For yet other, with conditions that can’t be eliminated, we work to limit the impact these problems have on you maintaining you as well as we can, as often as you need and want to be seen.

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