Treatment Solutions

Chiropractic is the world's third largest primary healthcare profession after medicine and dentistry. For more than 100 years, chiropractors have been diagnosing and treating problems relating to the back, providing safe and effective care to millions of people. There is more to chiropractic than pain relief. In many cases we progress to corrective work to address the underlying cause of discomfort. We also recommend regular check-ups to maintain good health and prevent problems occuring.

The Rehabilitation phase

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It takes a minimum of 6 to 8 weeks for a broken bone, or a badly sprained ligament to heal. Similarly, muscles and joints that have been overstrained can take several weeks to repair and recover function. With your aches and pains reduced or cleared from treatment on the first stage of care, we can focus further on complete healing in this second stage of care. We need to maintain the pain relief and improvement in mobility whilst working to eliminate the causes that set off your pain in the first place.

In order to treat the problems that caused the aches and pains to surface, we continue our hands-on chiropractic work, engaging in corrective care to restore proper movement and function of the body. Increasingly we add specific supplementary exercises. These will help stretch and strengthen imbalanced muscles, improve posture and core stability and correct the bad habits that may be giving you trouble when sitting at home, in the car, when sleeping or enjoying hobbies and leisure activities.

Typically, your chiropractic treatment will be less frequent during this rehabilitation phase of care. Time between visits gives you the opportunity to make positive changes to your lifestyle and for your condition to stabilise.

To complement your individual care, we use a range of supportive products that will help you exercise at home and improve your ergonomics or sleeping comfort. If we feel you would benefit from massage or supervised exercise sessions to help with persistent muscular tension and speed up the process of recovery, we can call on these additional services located in-house at Chiropractic Plus.

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